Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super bowl

Another super bowl is history. The Steelers defeated the Seahawks with the help of some lucky breaks. FOr me, watching a super bowl is like going to a wedding alone. You feel happy for those involved and wish them well (unless of course, you are secretly pining for the bride) but ultimately, you are sad because you so desperately want to be in the same situation yourself. For me, this means either seeing the vikings or broncos in the super bowl and down the line, denny green and randy moss winning a title. I watched every second of coverage from about 2:15 (when the Kansas game finished up) until grey's anatomy.

The loss does not bode well for the Seahawks. There is the numbing sadness of losing the game, being so close to the prize, knowing that you were there, inside the red zone for a game leading TD. If recent history is any indicator, the Seahawks are in for a pitiful 2006 regular season. But as i know, the thing about trends is that once you consider them to be commonplace and infutable, they will soon disintegrate. Don't buy into this talk of Shaun Alexander becoming a Viking or a member of any other team for that matter. The Seahawks will resign him and don't think that just because of his less than stellar performance that the Seahawks will just suddenly cut the cord and go into the next season with Maurice Morris as their primary back. They still have their receivers, maybe another receiver in the draft would be allright as would perhaps another TE. Add that to the fact that the Seahawks will still be playing or feasting on NFC West teams, it seems like they will still be contenders.

I watched this super bowl, wall to wall. Even though it was disappointing in the sense that it wasn't a cliffhanger, i still watched it and appreciated the paegentry of it all. I loved seeing Phil Simms in the pre game show, winning a GMC Yukon for some lucky person. As i told Mac, if i was in a tricky situation or a situation where prizes were at stake and i needed someone to make some throws for my cause, Phil Simms would be my number one choice, every single damn time.


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