Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trader jack ass

Almost a full week has past and i have not chimed in with my two cents on the Wally Szczerbiak trade. Even though the Timberwolves have won two out of three with Ricky Davis and Marcus Banks scoring over 20 points respectively in their debuts, i don't like it. It falls under the classic idiot bufoon trade or personnel descion category. Unfortunately, Kevin Mchale has made many of those transactions. I won't forgive Mchale for drafting Will Avery over Ron Artest. I won't forgive Mchale for choosing Will Avery over Bobby Jackson. Trading Wally is not a surprise. He has been part of numerous trade rumours since 2000. But this package was downright ridiculous. Ricky Davis is everything that Wally isn't, but he is nothing that Wally is in the way of shooting, and he is a headcase. Ricky, remember, is the guy who missed a shot purposely at his team's own basket just so he could get a triple double. Mark Blount is basically Michael Olikandi's twin, just not as slow, fat, or pathetic. Marcus Banks could be a player for the timberwolves, but he will be a free agent after this year and some team will most likely make an unbelievable and just plain stupid offer to him that the Timberwolves could never match. Justin Reed is basically a throw in. Now, I think I am the only non female in MN who expressed sorrow that Wally is gone. Let's face it, he was a bonifide scorer who made some clutch shots in his career. After the trade, i wore my old school Nike swingman jersey of his to bed. But don't get me wrong, this trade has not impacted me the way the Randy Moss "trade" has. I use quotes around trade because quite simply, it wasn't a trade. Any grade schooler can tell you that in a trade, you get something for nothing. The Vikings got less than nothing. Anyone close to me will know that in late Febuary of 2005, i went into a serious bout of sadness. I became more and more incredelous when talking to others about it. I think i knew i had a problem when i used one of my phone cards to call a friend who happened to be a fellow Moss fan. Before i talked to him, the automated voice told me i had 200 minutes left on my phone card. I managed to burn those in one setting. This Wally trade could be the Rosetta stone the Timberwolves are looking for. But then again, Wally could just join the list of all stars like Chauncey Billups and Bobby Jackson, and maybe even Stephon Marbury if you want to stretch it, who once played for the Timberwolves.


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